1st Production

Launching a platform that pushes powerful vibes.

Building digital exclusivity through purposeful ambiguity.

1st Production is a highly selective and exclusive investment company funding music and film projects. The founders have offices based in Zurich, Switzerland and Beverly Hills, California.

We were approached to design and build the 1st Production brand from the ground up. Projects like these are super special to us at Tanto because we had the creative freedom to execute our entire process of discovery, design, build and iterate. Developing a nontraditional solution for 1st Production was a blast.

Due to the nature of our client, we can only partially share our site, but it demonstrates everything from brand strategy, identity, user experience, design, custom motion integration, to our final build.

Our Part in Their Success

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Website Strategy
Website UX & Design
Website Development

“Usually people and companies put you in a box – working with Tanto means there are no boxes! They allow for their imagination alongside your ideas and thoughts to come to fruition in ways that you can only hope for. Working with Tanto is the best experience, with endless possibilities, to say the least. Beware, if you want your vision to come to light and go beyond your expectations Tanto is where you need to be. I will always work with Tanto and continue to bring clients their way.”

– Samuel, Founder of 1st Production