Creating a truly dark & cinematic sound.

Beautiful building blocks of sound & color.

Hailing from the idyllic Vienna, Austria, electronic pop/rock band HUNGER first formed in early 2014. Childhood friends Daniel Rumpel and Johannes Herbst approached long-term fellow and vocalist Lucas Fendrich with the intention of creating a truly dark and cinematic sound.

Tanto created all brand identity and graphically represent the band’s sound online and off. Together we crafted a clean web presence, promotional EP album artwork, full-length Album artwork, press kit, and ads featured in Rolling Stone Magazine. Go see them when they play your town!

Our Part in Their Success

Brand Strategy
Brand Development
Front-end Development
Back-end Development
Album Artwork
Marketing Assets
Magazine Advertisement

“Working together with Tanto is just incredible. Communication and realisation are so easy and quick while still sticking to highest quality level. They’re a full-service agency with expertise in all areas and have become an essential part of our operational team.”

– Daniel, Guitarist of HUNGER

Full integration of sight and sound.

Condensing the Hunger story within the physical confines of album art and booklet primarily utilized negative space. We further emphasized the band’s name visually by alluding to their possible sound, developing desire for resolution, which comes only from listening.